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BleedingViolin Studios is proud to present our inaugural line of dolls and figurines!

Sister Snowleopard is the Daughter of The Firecat, and a deeply powerful sorceress, like her Father.

Sister Snowleopard 01

1 Pound
  • Welcome to our shop!
    BleedingViolin Studios is proud to present our line of figures and dolls!
    This campaign is designed to fit into the on-going fictional universe we are creating to entertain, educate.   We create the art, fiction, music and games to fund the Studios so that we can continue to broadcast free of charge to the world.


    Each figurine scale stands at an average of 2 inches or 32millimeters to scale, and comes unpainted.
    Each Doll Scale stands an average of 6 inches to scale, and comes unpainted.
    Bronze figurines are available, but not Doll Scale at this time.


    Our Current Goal: $1,700
     - Purchase our second printer so as to keep up with order demands
     - Begin Production on “The EsotericHours”
     - Begin production of our first true Documentary: TrueTales from Within The Skinwalker Ranch (talks pending)


    Every Pre-Order comes with a one-of-a-kind thank you token that will never be available for public purchase.  It’s just our way of saying “Thank you, for helping Shar's dream live on”!!




    Orders will be crafted in first-come-first-print basis
    All orders for this campaign are expected to ship by November 28th so as to be ready for Christmas 2024
    Prices are calculated to achieve fundraising goals, and do not reflect any potential standard shelf-price
    All models are printed in 8k with a resin mixture designed for detail, durability, and flexibility.
    Every effort has been made to protect you, the buyer, from any form of infection in this time of uncertainty.


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    Presented by BleedingViolin Studios in conjunction with ParaFam Entertainment
    visit us at



    "Ooooooh... Barracuda...."
      ~ Shar



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